Who am I and why should you listen to
what I have to say?


Let me start by saying I love helping people. It’s what I’ve done most of my working life and I get great pleasure from doing so.

My formal education is in electrical engineering. But several years later, an opportunity presented itself. I was told about a printing company that was for sale and going through bankruptcy. Most people would just run away from this. What makes you think that this business could be profitable if the existing owner couldn’t make it work?

I analyzed the numbers. I spoke to industry consultants. I interviewed the employees. I met with several of this company’s customers. In other words, I did my due diligence. I was convinced there was an opportunity to be had. So my wife took a leap of faith and bought the printing company.

Oh, did I mention I had no idea how to run a printing company? I had never worked in one before but that didn’t deter me. You see, I understood business. I knew why this company wasn’t profitable and I knew how to fix it.

And fix it I did.

We bought the business in November 1992. At that time I had 16 competitors in my area. Some bigger than me. Some smaller. But they were all competitors but there was enough printing to go around to keep everyone profitable.

We were profitable in year #1. I made substantial changes in the operation. I computerized the entire operation. Bought new equipment. Streamlined the workflow. Made us much more efficient. We were able to produce much more work with the same number of people.

But then the recession hit. My competitors were having a hard time. While our revenues were down, we managed quite well. Why? Because I planned ahead and had a “rainy day” fund while my competitors were living one month at a time.

The recession forced some of my competitors to close. Some were still barely hanging on. And then a few years later we experienced another smaller recession. More competitors closed.

Fast forward to today. Remember when I said I had 16 competitors? Now I have only 1 left and he’s across the street from me. Yes, we still have the big printers in town but they don’t produce the kind of work we do. And we have the big box stores with copiers but they can’t produce the kind of work I can.

The reason I survived was because I had great foresight, a solid business plan, and used sound business practices. I didn’t give up when times were tough. On the contrary. I went into overdrive. I added new services. Direct mail marketing, online services, and other services that my customers wanted.

And now I want to take my 26 years of experience and make it work for you. Whether you are working for someone else in a 9-5 job and want to eventually start your own business or you already are in business for yourself and want to grow, I want to help you accomplish your goals.

Let’s connect and discuss what I can do for you. Click the button below to schedule a 15 minute telephone meeting. It may be the smartest move you’ve ever made.



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